Finding the Best Physical Activity for Disabled People

The disabled people who want to play sports have a very disability services melbourne argument. It is true that physical activity for disabled exists. The book rightly points out that physical activity is the best way for disabled people in order to exercise their legal right to participate in the social world. In fact, physical activity is an essential part of human life. A disabled person cannot participate actively in society. This will prevent him/her from enjoying many of the basic pleasures everyone enjoys.

physical activity for disable


People with disabilities are often unable to exercise. Sometimes they don’t know where to begin. They are often restricted from participating in sports. They are often looked down upon by friends, colleagues, and the general public. Many disabled people feel frustrated and are kept in their homes.


The importance of encouraging physical activity for the disabled is well-understood by the author. The benefits of physical and sport activities have been shown to be beneficial in improving the overall health of the body, as well as promoting peace-of-mind. As such, physical activities often help disabled people to develop healthy relationships and confidence in themselves. These skills are important for them to learn how to live independently. As a result, people with sensory processing disorders can gain a lot from participation in sports.


What is surprising about the author’s contention is that the author herself is a professional athlete. Two months ago, she placed fourth in the decathlon competition. Despite her disability, she decided to enter the competition as she wanted to see if her life could be more meaningful. She wanted to stand out from the crowd and be proud of her accomplishments. Now that she has gained back some confidence through participating in sport, she is eager to pursue sport in all its forms, and she already seems pre-occupied with a new sport: body sculpting.


I am also inspired and moved by the author’s tale. Since childhood, I was affected by a variety of physical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dysfunction, and muscular dystrophy. My legs were still paralysed, but my arms and upper body were unaffected. I felt intense pain in the lower back whenever I tried to do any type of exercise. It was difficult for my lower back to support me while I sat up or even walk. After many failed attempts, I finally decided to join a gym to do some physical activity.


Amma, a program I discovered, has many types of activities for disabled people. Although each one is meant for a particular activity we can be more flexible by diversifying our workout routines. I also learned that there is something fun about participating in a group activity, even though I am still very clumsy when I stand up. This experience has given me confidence in myself as well as in others. I look forward to taking part in other types of physical activities.


It should be noted that this story is a positive example of how we can overcome physical limitations by taking advantage of all that we are capable of doing. The author has used her disability in order to gain strength, confidence, courage, and take control over her own life. I learned from this case study that there are many activities that can help overcome sensory processing disorder and other common disabilities.


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