Understanding the Commercial Cleaning Job Description

If you think that the commercial cleaning job description is very complicated, it is. If you would like to have your own business cleaning offices and establishments, you have to understand more about the duties and responsibilities of a cleaner. It is possible to be one. If you are truly dedicated to your work, you will always find a way.


The job description of a commercial cleaner does not only cover cleaning. It also includes sanitizing and making the space available for human interaction. This is also part in the preparation for the building inspector. A commercial cleaning job description includes the use of janitorial products, including polishes, cleaners, sprays and other chemical substances for the purpose of cleaning. It is even included in the requirement of a license. It is quite common these days.

As mentioned previously, part of preparing for inspection is to check for areas that require cleaning. These are areas that are not in regular use but still require some attention. It is important to note that commercial cleaning services often overlook areas that require extensive cleaning. But, if you are equipped with the proper tools and materials for the job, you can make sure that these areas will get the thorough cleaning that they need.

As mentioned previously, part of the preparation includes identifying the areas to be cleaned. A commercial cleaning job description includes the use of janitorial products, such as cleaners, sprays and other chemical substances for the purpose of cleaning. You can make sure these areas are cleaned thoroughly if you have the right tools. You should also know that most cleaners prefer to prepare the areas before actually cleaning. This is to ensure that all materials are available and that there are no delays.

Next, check the areas around your work station or machinery. These are considered to be the most dust collectors in the commercial cleaning process. This is to be expected as machines that are frequently used will produce lots of dust. This will cause for the accumulation of dust on various parts of the machines and the area around them. This will then require for the need for the cleaning services of a commercial cleaner.

The air vents and the ducts are another important area for commercial cleaning service providers. These areas are also considered to be very dusty and dirty, which is why it is necessary to have the appropriate ventilation system and clean air filters installed. This will help lessen the number of allergens that are produced during the cleaning process.

The fourth item on the list of things to do would be the regular inspection of all employees and the surroundings. This includes making sure there are no leakages or other problems. This can be done by the company’s industrial cleaner who will assist you. They will inspect your office thoroughly and point out any issues. This will give you a clear picture of what needs to happen. After identifying the problem, they will create a plan to fix it. This will ensure that your office is as clean and tidy as possible.

You will see that you don’t need to hire someone just to make a sale. The commercial cleaning service provider should give you a detailed description of the work required and what you can expect from each stage of the cleaning process. This will help you understand what your job entails and whether it is worth the expense of hiring a new staff member to manage the payroll. Remember that having a cleaner job description will ensure that your business will thrive, while preventing you from wasting money on hiring the wrong people. Happy cleaning!